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Welcome to Greenbelt Dental Health! Our central Austin dental office offers an enjoyable experience across three generations of dentists. Greeted with warm smiles and a beautiful view of Shoal Creek Greenbelt, our experienced team provides personalized solutions. From simple cleanings to complete oral transformations, we are dedicated to integrative dental care in a safe, comfortable environment. As a biological dental practice, we emphasize biocompatible and holistic dental care. We offer holistic alternatives to traditional treatments, ensuring individualized solutions for common dental concerns.

We are a biological dental practice, serving patients in the community of Austin, TX, with an emphasis on biocompatible and cosmetic care. Whenever possible, we offer holistic alternatives to more traditional dental treatments, allowing patients to enjoy a higher level of dental care with individualized treatments and solutions for common dental concerns.

Dr. Christopher Naranjo is committed to ensuring patients have the best possible care while assuring an experience free from damage or harmful materials. As one of the original mercury-free offices in Central Texas, we understand the harm that exposure to amalgam fillings (known as silver or mercury fillings) can cause. We avoid placing amalgam fillings and offer proper, safe removal of amalgam fillings as needed. Following the protocols set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), our practice ensures our patients’ health and safety during the removal and replacement of these amalgam fillings. We also offer a variety of esthetic composites, porcelains, and ceramics to achieve a natural appearance devoid of possible allergic reactions.

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If you are interested in improving your oral and overall health, please contact Dr. Naranjo and his team of professionals at (512) 472-3565. Our dental team empowers new and established patients while providing the best possible comprehensive and biological dentistry in the area. Our office is located at 1301 West 25th Street, Suite #402. We look forward to seeing you!

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