Greenbelt Dental Health offers cosmetic dentistry solutions

At Greenbelt Dental Health, Dr. Christopher Naranjo and his team believe that your oral health and overall well being are the focal point of care, but can be provided with an emphasis on beautiful aesthetics. The most elegant smiles are those that look completely natural. While dental work in the past actually “looked” like dental work, including dark silver amalgam fillings and metal dental crowns, dentists with a focus in cosmetic dentistry ensure any care provided is in a way that uniquely compliments you. We do not want your smile to look as though it has been manufactured and focus on aesthetic dentistry procedures that will restore and enhance it.

What can I expect from a practice that offers advanced cosmetic dentistry?

Dr. Naranjo has undergone extra training specifically in cosmetics and his team of professionals evaluate patients to determine their specific desires and needs. Some patients have extensive dental work that needs to be restored for oral health care reasons and is restored with biocompatible, BPA free composite material or porcelain. While others may seek aesthetic treatments to achieve a smile they have been previously self conscious of or always dreamed of. Being able to smile and laugh to your fullest has shown to provide positive mental health benefits and is something we take into consideration. We consult with patients and ask them about what they would like to achieve with their smile, and together create a customized treatment plan to get there.

What cosmetic dental procedures may be performed?

When completing an oral care plan for a smile makeover, our team will create a plan that meets your needs and expectations. Understanding the materials being used and the concerns of our patients, we can provide a biocompatible and esthetic result. Most of our plans may include some of the following therapies integrated into them:

  • Composite resin dental fillings
  • Resin dental bonding
  • Professional-grade teeth whitening services
  • Porcelain veneers
  • All-ceramic dental crowns
  • Zirconium or titanium dental implants
  • Partial or provisional dentures
  • Dental bridges

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Austin, Texas area patients considering aesthetic dentistry options may want to speak to our team of professionals at Greenbelt Dental Health. We are conveniently located at 1301 West 25th Street, Suite #402, and accept new and returning patients who call (512) 472-3565 for an appointment. We are open to helping patients with cosmetic dentistry, restorative care, and preventative solutions for patients of all ages with overall health and wellness in mind.