Microneedling and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma or Platelet-Rich Fibrin is a treatment that uses controlled micro-injuries superficially to stimulate your own natural healing process. With the addition of your own blood plasma, the special cells isolated help improve your skin tone and smooth out imperfections such as wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, age spots, dark circles, skin folds, and discolorations.

Platelet-Rich Plasma is isolated from a sample of your own blood we collect in office. Your blood is then placed in a centrifuge, and we isolate the required plasma. It contains a variety of growth factors that aid the healing process of your skin once applied after the micro-needling process. The treatment usually takes about an hour and the healing process takes a few days depending on the amount of superficial penetration from the micro-needling. It is recommended to have 3 to 6 treatments every 4-6 weeks.

This therapy is well tolerated in adults, has excellent results, and very few side effects. For best results, avoid direct sunlight and minimize personal use of skincare products for the first few days after the therapy.


SmoothLase is a natural, non-surgical, and non-invasive procedure that uses an FDA approved Fotona Lightwalker to tighten the collagen in your skin. It will smooth and improve skin tone by bringing back elasticity, lessening wrinkles and deep folds, giving you a more youthful feel and appearance. As we age, the skin replacement process slows, along with vital proteins like elastin and collagen. Through the use of this laser, these vital proteins are stimulated. SmoothLase works by stimulating collagen from within the mouth and reaches the areas around your mouth, lips, chin, jawline, nose, and cheeks.

Unlike botox, which paralyzes the nerves innervating the parts of your face that are wrinkled, SmoothLase causes your skin to create new collagen, giving your face tighter skin it once had. Results and vary from person to person. A proper diet with proper supplementation and water intake will help achieve better results.

Combining SmoothLase with Microneedling

Greenbelt Dental Health is unique in its position to provide a combination of both treatments to achieve results above and beyond. A combination of a more deeper collagen stimulation from the SmoothLase laser treatment and more superficial micro-needling with PRP allows a natural and non-invasive rejuvenation free of toxins and fillers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of facial rejuvenation with long lasting results.