Understanding integrative dentistry for Dental Health and Wellness

The field of modern dentistry offers a wealth of technologically-advanced tools and information. Still, most general dentists lack the investigation into the underlying issue causing dental diseases. Our biological dentist, Dr. Christopher Naranjo, is located in the community of Austin, Texas, and is committed to providing the best care possible for individuals and families seeking oral health and wellness. We do not focus solely on care mechanics (drilling and filling) when treating patients. We get to know the person behind the smile along with their nutrition, hygiene habits, previous medical and dental history, and possible genetic contributions. Using this functional medicine approach, we can provide a long-term plan to help and prevent further issues with cavities and gum disease. We use all this information to come up with an oral care plan that incorporates advanced biocompatible dentistry and natural biologic healing. This approach is commonly referred to as “integrative dentistry.”

Today’s dentistry combines high-tech diagnostics, tools, materials, and techniques to help patients achieve and promote oral and systemic health. We take a biological approach with integrative dentistry, allowing our patients to rest easy knowing they receive the best care possible for themselves and their family members. We consider how the restorations will function and impact the patient’s natural immune system and the rest of the body. We look at the dental problems that individual patients face and ask ourselves if certain health conditions or nutritional deficiencies may be contributing.

To us, integrative dentistry allows us to consider the numerous aspects of health related to the oral condition. We treat dental problems according to the needs of the entire body. As your dental team, it means that we are a part of a whole healthcare family that collaborates to ensure the best possible oral health and wellness, offering services to promote total health. There is a relationship between oral health and systemic disease, and knowing how oral diseases and systemic health are linked is critical to one’s long-term overall health.

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