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Jan 02

If you have poor skin texture and tone, you may have considered visiting a cosmetic day spa or a dermatologist to ask about treatment options. Fortunately, Dr. Christopher Naranjo and his team at Greenbelt Dental Health understand that a beautiful smile is just a portion of your appearance. He proudly offers skin services, including PRP […]

May 26

If you are considering ways of rejuvenating your appearance, do not stop at just your smile! Dr. Christopher Naranjo and the team at Greenbelt Dental Health, Austin, Texas, welcome you to ask about the treatment options available to enhance your skin and face during your routine dental visits. Facial rejuvenation has more benefits than just […]

Feb 07

Dr. Christopher Naranjo and his dedicated team at Greenbelt Dental Health of Austin, Texas, provide quality dental services and have integrated other procedures into his practice to better serve his patients. This includes PRP facial rejuvenation with PRP injections and traditional microneedling. How does PRP microneedling work? PRP microneedling is a minimally invasive skin procedure using the patient’s own […]

Oct 12

Are you dealing with wrinkles, fine lines, hair loss, and other common dermatological issues? If so, did you know that leverage your body’s natural healing abilities to turn back the hands of time and look younger? Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, or PRP treatment, is a nonsurgical facial treatment created from your blood. Utilizing your platelets can […]

Aug 01

If you live in Austin, Texas, you know that the hot Texas heat can take a toll on your skin. Aging skin treatments are becoming increasingly popular as the technology in this field advances. There is a benefit to looking more youthful. For one thing, our society expects us to take the best possible care […]

May 20

Dr. Christopher Naranjo and his team at Greenbelt Dental Health are committed to providing patients with solutions to meet and exceed their cosmetic goals. Not only is cosmetic dentistry a great way to enhance the smile, but Austin, Texas patients, can also ask about treatments such as microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and our SmoothLase […]