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Apr 18

At Greenbelt Dental Health, Dr. Christopher Naranjo and his dedicated team work with patients in and around Austin, Texas, to help them achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. He will often suggest the many benefits of integrating ozone therapy into oral health visits when needed. Ozone therapy for the teeth and gums, also called ozone dental treatment, […]

Nov 29

In dentistry, patients have a lot of treatment options to choose from. With continued advances in this field, staying abreast of changes that modernize today’s dental services is essential. At Greenbelt Dental Health, Dr. Christopher Naranjo and his team in Austin, Texas, continually improve their services and are pleased to provide advanced solutions for common […]

Sep 11

Ozone is a gas commonly used in dental practices with a focus on ozone therapy. In dentistry, it can play a vital role in achieving oral health and wellness. Many patients ask our team at Greenbelt Dental Health of Austin, Texas, what are the advantages of using ozone therapy in dentistry. The benefits of combining […]

Apr 12

In dentistry, there are new and exciting treatments for making smiles healthier while rapidly replacing less comfortable, and in some cases less effective, therapies. In 20 years or so, the dentistry many grew up with may seem medieval compared to what they’ll have in use for patients. One of the newer therapies making a big […]

Feb 07

Treating oral health issues with today’s modern solutions is the primary focus of Dr. Christopher Naranjo of Greenbelt Dental Health in Austin, Texas. With the help of treatments such as ozone therapy for dentistry, our team can assist with improving the health of the smile in conjunction with administering this specialized form of oxygen alongside routine dental services. What […]

Oct 12

At Greenbelt Dental Health in Austin, Texas, we are committed to providing our patients with therapies that improve oral health and overall wellness. That’s why we are happy to offer patients dental ozone therapy as an integrative and natural approach to treating common oral health concerns.   What is Dental Ozone? Ozone (O3) is a […]

Jun 20

Ozone therapy has been used for years in the dentistry field to help promote healthier gums and teeth. In essence, ozone is a type of super-charged oxygen that kills harmful bacteria that can cause decay, oral infections, and periodontal disease. At Greenbelt Dental Health, your Austin, Texas dentist, Dr. Christopher Naranjo, uses ozone therapy to treat […]

Aug 06

When you think of ozone, maybe you think of that scary hole that’s somewhere way up in the sky in the Earth’s ozone layer. Because of that hole, ozone has developed a reputation as a harmful pollutant to human beings. However, ozone occurs naturally as a transient form of oxygen. When used by well-trained dental […]

Mar 22

Oral cavitation occurs when, due to a lack of blood supply to certain areas of the bone, a hollowed-out area or hole develops in the jawbone. Dr. Christopher Naranjo utilizes ozone treatment for patients in the Austin, TX area suffering from this dental health issue. The interruption of blood…